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There is a new Jimny on the market and I would do anything to have one!

The tiny truck that could has again taken the world by storm, so much so even Clarkson has one. But now there's a new one!

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It's called the Yomper Bergen and it picks up where the Subaru Brat left off. It's built by Yorkshire based engineering company Yomper, an offshoot of Samson Engineering. They will source and work on the diminutive 4x4 from start to finish all for around £20,000. This isn't bad considering a 4th gen from a dealer will set you back easily £25,000 and tidy, low mileage 3rd gens are still asking for £15,000.

Just look at those lines. Phwoar!

Just look at those lines. Phwoar!

Right, I think I've finally calmed down enough to properly explain what's going on here. Yomper is a Jimny conversion company based up in Yorkshire, here in England and they produce a variety of hyper practical Jimnys with dropside pick-up truck style load beds. But crucially amongst their product range is the Bergen. In place of a lightweight alloy load bed, some of the original rear bodywork is retained and crafted into a Kei Ute. The swooping rear lines are akin to the Subaru Brat of the 90s; which famously circumnavigated the Chicken Tax in the US by fitting seats to the rear load bay and thus entering the country as a passenger vehicle and not a light truck. This meant it was only being subjected to a 2.5% tax and not the 25% that was levied at foreign pick-up trucks.

Anyway, back to the Bergen (you can tell I'm effervescent with excitement). It comes in two varieties, the Bergen with its extended load bay and the Rustler whose rear end is the same length as the conventional Jimny. Both can be specced to carry 350kgs or 500kgs. The Bergen comes with a 50mm lift kit as standard and the Rustler gets the lift as an optional extra. If you need to lug a little more, there is the LWB spec Commercial and Karry models which come with the 275cm wheelbase over the standard 225cm layout. If you really need to get into the rough and boggy stuff, then the SWB Field Star might be up your alley. Fitted with a tray-back and sides "it is the choice of the gamekeeper" and comes with a choice of two load capacities and the optional extras of a 50mm lift kit and floatation tyres.

All the Yomper conversions come with rear disc brakes as standard, an upgrade over the fairly effete drums on the standard car. The car retains its 750kg unbraked towing capacity and I think you can take higher if you're licensed to tow a braked trailer. While Yomper have the chassis stripped they will uprate the protection on the chassis rails to what they call "better than OE specifications", which isn't hard. On the Karry and Commercial, the spare tyre is slung beneath the vehicle with new rear LED lights. A reversing camera and reverse alarm are also available. These are pukka works vehicles. Oh, and they are all IVA certified so you can take them on the road here in the UK.

The Jimny is still an antiquated design even in its 4th generation. A body plonked on a ladder chassis.

The Jimny is still an antiquated design even in its 4th generation. A body plonked on a ladder chassis.

Or if you want something completely different they can supply you with a cab-only Jimny, which opens a world of possibilities. Through the Jimny owners club (Yeah, I've got a Jimny, I'm sure I've mentioned it) I've met people who've got tipper truck Jims, flatbeds, box vans, someone even once stuck a .50cal on the top of his for hunting. You can even have them made up as cage backs, log cradles or a micro camper. Emphasis on the micro there.

Ready to take on a scaled down apocalypse. Or a small weekend away.

Ready to take on a scaled down apocalypse. Or a small weekend away.

Basically, the limit to what you can have is limited by your imagination. You can even have an EV Jimny! Which really tickles my pickle! If you can get one, they will even hack up a 4th Gen. So what would you spec? A Kei camper? Or a miniaturised all-terrain assault vehicle? Let me know in the comments below.

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