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There is going to be a Heritage Edition Ford Bronco coming soon!

And this is a spec that the public will actually get unlike some of the others Ford had promised.

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Ford seem following the ways of Land Rover recently. Even though they did own Land Rover for a short period time the seem to be become more like them in terms of their vehicle specs with the new Bronco. Every time the new Defender gets a new spec, the Bronco receives an almost identical spec. But today, we are talking about the Heritage Edition that Ford has promised us will be coming soon.

Now the Defender already has a heritage edition and looks good but now it's American rival is going to receiving old school looking features too and as if that wasn't enough there is going to be a Heritage Special Edition as well called the 'Heritage Limited'.

Not only does the documents for the future Bronco's production life include the Heritage trims but also has loads of other specs that have been confirmed to be arriving in 2022. Additionally, this document includes lease residual values and lease pricing for the Bronco.

Not only will the Heritage Edition be a cosmetic spec, it will be a package too, Whether that includes something from the classic Ford Bronco, I am now sure. According to reliable sources, the higher price and package could suggest a powertrain swap or something in the engine department.



Now onto the other possible trims that could be available soon. It has been rumoured that there is going to be a Ford Bronco Raptor (which we can only assume is going to be high powered, sportier version with a blend of off road talent and on road capabilities.) The Raptor spec will come with a Twin Turbo 3.0l Eco boost V6 which willl produce just north of 400 BHP and 400 ft lb of torque. It will also come with Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks sporting Live Valve Technology.

There will also be an Everglades trim which will only be available as a four door, Desert Sand coloured exterior design with a marine grade vinyl interior. It will also come equipped with a snorkel and a winch when you go for some serious off roading.

All the remaining other Bronco trims will offer a wide variety of exterior colours and an option for a 7-speed manual gearbox with the Sasquatch package.

Ford have been very iffy with keeping their promises so with all these exciting new trims possibly on the way, we hope Ford can learn to keep their promises.

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