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T​here is more to design than what looks cool

M​ost auto-enthusiast assume automotive design is just about styling and looking cool but the effort and soul put into the design goes unnoticed

We all love to think that we understand design of a car but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Designers spend more than 3 years on a car, thus , there is lot ingenious design symbols which values the car higher.

This article was inspired by Mr. Frank Stephenson’s latest YouTube video, where he briefly explains the design of the mclaren P1; The video unearths details that had gone unnoticed by most automotive enthusiasts, like the fact that the signature headlights were heavily inspired by the mclaren logo. The mclaren p1 has loads of Easter eggs in its design that even the owners fail notice, says Mr. Stephenson , the p1 has an hidden intake along the side windshield which , feeds the engine. The designer had also infused bio mimicry-traits which solved the issue of excessive wind noise at high speeds; the issue had originated because the wing mirrors broke the flow of air. Mr.Stephenson says that, they were inspired by the sailfish’s aerodynamic features; the sailfish has two extended-tear drop outdent which closed off the air pocket creating less drag. The outdent was integrated in the wing mirror which reduced wind noise and consequently, the P1 had smoother air flow.

Another case of attention to detail can be seen in the mclaren F1’s “successor”, the Gordon Murray T.50. The T.50 is a much more refined version of the already imperfect F1; Mr. Gordon Murray revived the F1 to give rest to some of the regrets he had with the its design. The little things like the between the doors are taken into account.

This article was written to bring the spotlight on the art (I.e) automotive design, designers spend a painstaking amount of time on a car, So , let us appreciate their hard-work.

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