There Is No Better Feeling Than Driving A Car You Love On A Nice Day.

31w ago
- Pulled Off To The Side Of The Road To Enjoy A Bit Of Scenery In The Evening. Follow Me On Instagram @Brett_Ryan_Is_Irish

So, yesterday I had a bit of free time and I decided to take out my Techno violet E36 M3 out for a nice drive. Put the key in the ignition and she fired up. Just kidding, I had to jump start it. Last time I got behind the wheel of this car was probably some time in june. So I opened my shop bay, washed all the dust off it and took it for a nice drive. I didn't go to any destination or anything like that, I just went out for a nice drive. The kind where you put your phone on airplane mode and just listen to your car as you row through the gears. I didn't even put on any music, it was just me and the car on some lonely backroads. Those kind of drives are the best. They let you think and work stuff out in your head. Calms the soul. Sometimes if you're feeling a bit out of it, go for a drive. Does the mind and the body wonders.

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  • Yes please.

      7 months ago
  • Except sex and Alfa Romeo 😁

      7 months ago
  • There is one better thing to than driving a car you love on a nice day and that’s riding a bike you love on a nice day :-)

      7 months ago
  • I can certainly relate to that. There are quite a few twisty, hilly roads in and around Melbourne, Victoria.

      7 months ago