There is no need to worry about Halo obscuring your view in F1 2018

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It is a question that has been asked a million times since F1 2018 was announced and now Codemasters has opened up on the subject of how it will deal with the much derided Halo safety feature.

Speaking to IGN at the E3 show in Los Angeles, F1 2018 director, Lee Mather, confirmed it will be present: "A lot of the fans have been asking what we are going to do with the Halo. So what we have actually done is, the halo's present on all of the cars."

He continued: "Y'know, we represent the sport correctly – that is part of the sport, it's one of the big additions this year."

So will your view be obscured by a sizable pillar? Luckily, not, unless you want it to be. You crazy die-hard sim-racer, you.

He added: "If you're playing the cockpit camera, obviously [the halo] can be quite an obscuring item in the front of your vision. So we actually allow the player to disable the central column of the halo."

Considering how controversial halo has been in real life, it is reassusing to see developer Codemasters has made its removal an option. However, some F1 drivers have admitted it is a non-issue, including Valtteri Bottas.

One new feature being added to F1 2018 is the ability to handle your own television interviews, with your responses having an effect on how you progress.

In related news, Codemasters confirmed the first two classic F1 cars that will feature in F1 2018, which will be released on Friday the 24th of August, 2018. Stay tuned for our full review.

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