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There Is One Car Manufacturer That Jerry Seinfeld Won't Buy From

It isn't Bugatti, Ferrari, or any other brand you might have expected.

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The majority of the time, the car brand won't allow a certain celebrity to buy their vehicles based on a prior mishap, this isn't the case for comedian Jerry Seinfeld. In his case, it's the other way around. Among other shows and movies, Jerry is known for his car (And coffee) based talk show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" , where he talks to comedians while in a classic (And sometimes modern) car, usually when en route to a coffee shop. Jerry is a true car guy: He stores his over 150 vehicle car collection in a 1.4 million dollar underground garage. This garage, a paradise for any gear head, is completed with an office and a full staff, all hired to maintain his prized collection. Among this massive collection, one brand is nowhere to be found.


He won't purchase a Lexus, and his reasoning is pretty solid. According to Autowise, Seinfeld said that Lexus “Perfected the idea of a coffin on wheels.” Not only that, but the new models Lexus has introduced make him “Very upset and angry.” Seinfeld has expressed this strong dislike on various occasions, most notably during a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode with Jay Leno. Seinfeld obviously has a different view of Lexus than most other people, who view it as a luxurious car that only the rich can afford-not a coffin.

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  • Um...

      19 days ago
  • Woooah!!! Great article as always!

      19 days ago
  • I’d drive an LFA, but yeah nothing else they make excites me or would get my money over a competitor.

      19 days ago