There Is Something Hugely Satisfying About A Fast Wagon

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Why don't more people buy station wagons in this country? They offer all the space and convenience of a crossover with none of the high center of gravity that comes with it. They're based on normal sedans which means they are every bit as capable as their four door brethren. The upside to that is they can be just as fast. Fast wagons are the perfect sleeper becasue nobody expects them to be fast.

We aught to know, we purchased a Volvo V70R recently and have set about making it the ultimate dadmobile! Plenty of room for the kids and their stuff with the upshot of being fun to drive when they're not around?

The video below is from Donut Media and is a top ten list of the craziest wagons around.

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Head over to our YouTube page and check out our very own fast wagon!

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