There Might Be A New, Cheaper Bugatti Atlantic


3y ago

Right now, Bugatti's model lineup is sort of limited to just the one car, the Chiron. And it's very nice. It's fast, it's comfortable, it's well-made, and with those four turbochargers, it's great on gas too. But since it stickers around $2.5 million, it can be quite costly if you don't find a good lease deal from your local Bugatti place.

Enter the Atlantic, the subject of a fresh rumor brought to us by Automobile's Georg Kacher:

"Tentatively named Atlantic, the second Bugatti offering will likely be a two-door 2+2-seater genetically connected to the Lamborghini Nuova E-spada. Both models are short-wheelbase evolutions of the 680 hp Panamera Turbo S plug-in hybrid.

"Such a striking 2+2 coupé would probably sell in larger numbers if marketed as Porsche 929, but Bugatti and Lambo need high-end green products more urgently, and will command even higher prices, while using the Porsche-developed MSB architecture. Both coupés will of course get bespoke uppers and interiors."

TL;DR: Bugatti wants to break into the pleb market with a 2-door 2+2 GT car, named after the Ettore Bugatti's wartime supercoupe, the Type 57SC Atlantic. It'll probably share some mechanical bits with Lamborghini and the Porsche Panamera, but have a shorter wheelbase as it's not a full-size sedan. Since it's a Bugatti, it will probably still cost more than a San Francisco penthouse, but will appeal to hedge fund managers and boxing champions who want a little more space to transport their canvas duffle bags full of money.

I can't wait to pick one up in three years for even more than the original owner spent. Let my kids pay for college themselves.


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Comments (2)

  • I read somewhere there is a replica atlantic for sale at 7 million euro ,the real one is near priceless,anyway its made from magnesium,one roach on the floor and whooof.....................

      3 years ago
  • there is only one bugatti Atlantic in the world the mona Lisa of mullin..I am Wondering what the cheapest bugatti Atlantic will then named 😂😂. .

      3 years ago