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There Will Be A New Standalone IndyCar Game Coming Soon

Motorsport Games, who also own the simulator rFactor 2, shall lead the development of the new game

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After bagging Studio397, the creators and maintainers of the racing simulator rFactor 2 (a descendant of a game whose physics engine powers simulators in Formula One), Motorsport Games sets out on a loftier goal: an IndyCar game.

But you may be thinking: "don't we already have IndyCar playable in some games?" True. The official IndyCar chassis has been playable in sim-cade racers like Forza and Project CARS as well as the simulator iRacing, but the last standalone IndyCar game dates back to 2004, made by Codemasters for the 2005 season. You can play the video below to see gameplay footage of it.

As for Motorsport Games, they currently make the standalone NASCAR racing games like NASCAR Heat 5, which is a wider, more console-oriented experience than what iRacing provides (though the underpinnings are from rF2). Now, the studio has partnered with the NTT IndyCar series to bring a new game featuring America's premier open-wheel racing championship to current-gen consoles and PC by 2023.

Both Dmitry Kozko, CEO of Motorsport Games and Mark Miles, President of Penske Entertainment, expressed their enthusiasm for the project, which also includes an officially sanctioned professional simracing tourney. But I reckon it's more telling that their PR blurb makes no mention of "simulation" or "simulator". This implies a mass-market slant, and the fact that MG is aiming for consoles help support this assumption.

Most of the fan reactions on Twitter are actually ecstatic, however, largely because it's been a long time since a mainstream game has come out for the series. Some do express a bit of apprehension that it may not be a sim, but I reckon we're already well-served with those. Still, it'd be best to wait and see if the resulting game is going to be any good.

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