There's a Daewoo for sale in Texas with 75 actual miles

A brand-new time capsule

5w ago

Daewoo began selling cars in the US in late 1998, going bankrupt soon after. Their cars were known for being mediocre and having poor build quality. Despite having over 500 dealers, falling sales caused the brand's sudden departure in early 2002.

A bad reputation, poor quality, massive depreciation, and difficult servicing have caused most of the 170,000 cars to disappear. However, the brand has a small group of enthusiasts that preserve the ones left. I'm one of them, not because their cars were particularly good, but because they've become extremely rare and obscure.

As a result, I was enthralled to find this mid-level Leganza SE with just 75 actual miles listed for sale on AutoTrader. Curious as to how this could possibly be, I called the seller and asked where he got it from. He said that he got it from a former Daewoo dealer in Florida that kept the car in a garage for eighteen years, making it a real time capsule.

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  • Daewoo weren't so much terrible, as 'budget' motoring. We had them here in the UK and across the EU, and they still can be seen running around, used mainly by older owners who bought a car to 'see them out' (their last car purchase). They were largely based upon 'last year's' GM/Vauxhall/Opel technology, with very slight differences that made cross fertilisation of parts next to impossible (I know, I've tried!) They are mainly rather dull transport, not particularly quick even by European standards, and rather bland inside. They were, however, typically Asian reliable. So long as you kept up with the servicing, they can last and last and last. I'm quite aware that Americans view servicing as optional, but that's 'cultural', a bit like Muslims over here who believe the health of their car is under the wing of Allah, and that servicing is a pointless activity. The most frequently seen breakdowns on our Motorways has unhappy Asian families milling around behind the safety barriers and steam/smoke rising from an open bonnet/hood. It's almost a shame to put this car on the road as it must be the most original, unmolested example on the continent. It isn't actually very valuable, but would make a great addition to a 'collection of the unremarkable', which some collectors find great joy in accumulating.

      1 month ago
    • I imagine that some people have realized that these Daewoos will get the interest that something like a Yugo, Vega, Pinto, or Edsel would get at a show. If I were purchasing it, I would maybe drive it a couple of

      times, but mainly carefully...

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        1 month ago

      you see them literally everywhere

        1 month ago
  • I guess the world's cleanest Daewoo is only really useful and enjoyable as a show car and cruiser. It's even a last year of production model making it even more rare.

    Just look at that interior! I haven't seen any interior from the 2000s looking that good in a long time, much less a Daewoo. I suppose the 14k price tag is just to weed out people looking for cheap transportation. I hope they're willing to negotiate.

      1 month ago
  • Always find it cool to see way back machines.... It's like traveling back in time

      1 month ago
  • You are probably erect over that

      1 month ago
  • Wow! That must be the lowest mileage Daewoo in the world

      1 month ago