There's A Ford V Ferrari Film Slated For Release Later This Year

5d ago


I love films. I normally get to the cinemas at least once a fortnight to watch a movie with friends (presuming there's something actually good on). It was just Tuesday that, embarrassingly, I was at the cinemas to see Detective Pikachu (I don't have any children either, we just thought it'd be hilarious. It was).

I've always said though if we're talking quality cinema, automotive have missed out on the action a bit in the past. I mean there are some fantastic racing flicks like my favourite, Rush, which stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. Or the documentary Senna. Another fantastic feature-length film which showcases historical footage of the famed racer. But bar Days of Thunder and Le Mans, there hasn't been any other real standouts in history. There have been hints of decent flicks here and there. Like the long awaiting Enzo Ferrari film which was to be directed by, Miami Vice powerhouse, Michael Mann. But that film aside, Hollywood has been reasonably quiet. Until now.

Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox, earlier this year, announced that there was a Ford V Ferrari Le Mans-inspired film which is now well into production. The film is going to be directed by James Mangold, a man who is responsible for last year's final Wolverine standalone film, Logan and 3:10 To Yuma.

That's all well and good though, but what makes the film a blockbuster? What is going to thrust this film into the limelight? Well, the film is actually going to star, Dark Knight, Christian Bale and co-star Matt Damon as Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby respectively. The film will also include characters Henry Ford II and Enzo Ferrari and murmurs on set have the film pinned to be big.

Personally, I can't wait. The prospect of having another gritty and serious motorsport film on the slate is absolutely superb, especially a story which has so much emotion and passion attached to it. James May's coverage of the race in the Grand Tour in previous years almost brought a tear of excitement to my eye as it is. I can only imagine what having a superstar like Christian Bale at the head of this movie is going to do to viewers.

It does bring up a fantastic point though about which motorsport stories should make it to the big screen in the coming years. A question I feel that should be asked to you the reader.

So let me know in the comments, which motorsport story would you love to see make it to the cinemas in the future?