There's A New Low Rent Grand Tour Show From Real Car Guys. It Looks Terrible

The teaser show is so terrible only the Jalopnik folks can appreciate the comedy in its cringe-worthiness

3y ago

The Grand Tour gets a lot of attention and deservedly so. There's a huge craving for quality automotive entertainment in this world, and they've been able to do it well solely out of their personalities and the quadrillions of dollars spent on production and marketing. That's the biggest hurdle of the automotive entertainment realm: to create something truly fantastic you're going to need a humongous budget.

Well the folks at the Fusion TV channel and the writers at Jalopnik, Raphael Orlove and Michael Ballaban, are out to prove that wrong! Probably. Starting October 18th, the show Car VS. America will debut on Fusion TV, a channel that I had to Google, and from my limited understanding, seems to be made for people who just can't even.

Image: Jalopnik

Image: Jalopnik

These Jalopnik editors have written, planned, produced, and starred in the show to seek out the weirdest, craziest, and most questionable looking cars in America. Judging by how weird, crazy, and questionable Americans normally are, we're very certain these guys will find plenty of cars out there to give us hours of entertainment.

However, don't prejudge the show by how terrible the advertisement looks. It has a buddy film feel where one person is the organized, nerdy, OCD, neat freak who hates peanuts, and the other guy has a mustache. The cringe-worthy nature of it seemed like an internal Jalopnik challenge to create "the worst version of something" and still have it published on television. Perhaps we'll find the teaser, found below, really funny once we've seen these two at it for awhile.

Or maybe it'll be utter dogshit... who knows....

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  • They're stealing our opportunity to create viral garbage!

      3 years ago