There's a new pricetag for the world's most expensive production car

Which of course means Drivetribe needs a new 'Houses for the price of...' post. It's common knowledge.

So kids, on today's episode of 'Sorry you've got to be joking me, 20 million?! What the actual fu-' we examine what such a ridiculous amount of cold hard flippin' cash could get you were you to say the new Rolls Royce Boat Tail was just a bit too crappy for your slightly high standards. Oh also, a special thanks to Melinda Gates who's divorce from Big Bad Bill made the Boat Tail possible.


So, what's the cost in question? Well, as mentioned, it's 23 million euros, which in the land of storming your own governmental properties is about 28 million dollars. Meanwhile over in the Not so united barely even a kingdom it's approximately 20 mil. Other than that you can figure it out yourself, sorry India. That's a lot of money for an umbrella on wheels:

Prestigious huh.

Prestigious huh.

For me it just feels right that the most costly motor is one of Rolls Royce production. Doesn't it just suit? Bugatti didn't and will never hold the title any better. The stars have aligned for Goodwood to take back what's rightfully theirs from their pesky voisins franรงais.

Anyway, to work then. Here's a few of the places you could call home.... for the price of a Rolls Royce Boat Tail.

Puerto Andratx, Mallorca, Spain:

Well, I really threw us in the deep end on this one. The Spanish Island of Mallorca is like that one friend who could roll around in a pig pen and still come out looking like a model. And this property isn't phased by the pressure one bit, in fact it embraces the challenge and really ups the game. With 6 bedrooms, a private garage, and literally no surrounding area overlooking it, it's the snobbiest of snobby properties. Or I'm just jealous. Either way, it's one hell of a house, if we can call it that. And it's selling point, well you just saw it. A total uneclipsed view of the spotless waters around Cala Marmacen, the bay of which you have private gated access to at all times.

โ‚ฌ22 mil, ยฃ20 mil, $26 mil

The Abbey Leix Estate, Laois, Republic of Ireland (oh how funny!?):

Do you feel like your birth was a mix up and you were destined to live the life of the highest status royal? Ironically then, it's to a republic for you. Pack your things and move to the greatest country in the world spend your days trying not to get lost around your 18th century mansion of dreams, or the 1000 acre woodland that is just thrown in for the hell of it. That's a lot of acres. In fact that's so many acres you could fit 756 football fields in your back garden. Although that might damage the enchanting aesthetic slightly.

โ‚ฌ20 mil, ยฃ17 mil, $24 mil

Templewood Avenue, London, Great Britain:

If you like the thought of being able to wave Queen Elizabeth the second goodnight every evening, or taking her out with a sniper rifle, this is the house for you! Plonked right in the centre of Hampstead, London, it's ideal for having quick access to all the iconic spots in the world's favourite capital city (actual fact by the way). The enormous property's traditional exterior meets a very modern interior to make the perfect living space for bratty millionaires who pretend they actually care about Britain as a developed nation. Enjoy 2 beautiful balconies over looking a spotless garden space and sleep in peace knowing your collection of chintsy Cayennes are hidden away in the off street parking area.

โ‚ฌ22 mil, ยฃ19 mil, $26 mil

Villa St. James, St. James Coastline, Barbados:

To North America on this one, Barbados specifically. Anyone lucky enough to have been will have probably been treated to the luxury Caribbean experience. But if you like it so much you are willing to spend near enough to 30 million dollars to live your day to day life here, then you might be intrigued by this absolute gem of a property. With stunning views over the Caribbean Sea, the outdoors are well and truly let in here at St. James' Villa. You know you're rich when entry to your house brings you to 'a FoYeR'. Everything that isn't made of marble has been dolloped with polishes so that it looks it regardless. The home spans across 3 acres and is just right for people who are so insecure they have to pretend they have 136 friends to entertain.

โ‚ฌ20 mil ยฃ17 mil, $25 mil

25 Quimby Lane, New York, United States:

Quality pictures....

Anyway if like me you know bugger all about New York, you'll be confused as to what happened to all the big towers and people on phones leading busy lives thinking they are the main characters of life. But I insist that this actually is in the state of New York. Anyway this property sure is a looker, and has to space to live up to the look. Altogether there are maaaany bedrooms, maaaany beamed roofs and a pool the size of the Mexican border. The picture perfect life it seems. Go do something useful with your pathetic life and this can be yours someday.

Oh and if this is the right location but the wrong house, there's probably a hospital nearby with a bed costing a little less at about 25 million a night instead.

โ‚ฌ23 mil, ยฃ19 mil, $28 mil

Anyway that's the end:

I hope you enjoyed. No seriously I actually hope you enjoyed cuz that took forever.

Thank you for reading.

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