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There's a New Speed King In town: The SSC Tuatara reaches 331mph (532kph)!

Eat Your Heart Out Bugatti.

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A while ago Bugatti caused quite a stir with their Chiron SS. The car reached an insane top speed of 304 mph on a one-way test. Bugatti claimed the Chiron SS was the first production car to have a top speed of over 300mph but that claim is called into question considering they didn't do a top speed run both ways. On October 10th, British Racing Driver, Oliver Webb got behind the wheel of the SSC Tuatara with nothing but 7 closed off miles of Nevada Highway in front of him. the Tuatara's first run, the car hit 301.07mph (484kph). Then, Webb turned the car around for another crack at it and the Tuatara hit an earth-shattering 331mph (532kph) bringing the top speed average of the two-way run to 316.11mph (508.73kph)! There is also video proof of the 331mph run thanks to Top Gear:

The Tuatara has given the Top Speed Crown back to America, and it's set the bar high. Not only is the Tuatara the first production car with an official world record speed of over 300mph, it has also won the race to be the first production vehicle to have a top speed of over 500kph. What's even crazier is that Oliver Webb says he believes the car can go even faster, but the crosswinds on one of the runs held the car back so keep your eyes out for another record attempt. There's a new Speed King in town. The question now is, who's going to step up to the plate next?

Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and Hennessey, it's your move.

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