There’s a reason as to why this Mercedes is £900k.

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Y​ou saw this article and clicked on it because you want to find out why this G63 is currently on sale for £900k because at first, the car in the photo just looks like a stock G63 but then you put your glasses on and realise that it’s a bit longer than usual. You then realise that the Mercedes badge isn’t on the grill and instead, there’s a T. Now what could this mean? T? Does it stand for Tata? You then glance over to the left hand corner and see a watermark that says “Trasco”. So what you’ve established so far is that this is a slightly longer version of the G63 modified by a brand called Trasco. But why does it cost £900k? Well, allow me to explain.

T​his is the Trasco Mercedes-AMG G63 and there is now one up for sale for £900k. That’s because the Trasco G63 has not only been extended, oh no no no, it’s also bulletproof. Yes, that’s right, bulletproof.

O​riginally, the vehicle started life as a standard 2009 Mercedes G63 but then Trasco Bremen got their hands on one. Trasco added a layer of level 7 armour on top of the standard body work. This means that the Trasco G63 can be shot at with 5.56mm bullets and not be left with a scratch. All 4 windows can roll down but they aren’t as strong as the armour plating, they can still take some damage though.

T​he interior of the Trasco G63 has been heavily upgraded from the standard G63 but Trasco weren’t able to fit what they wanted to fit so they extended it by 58cm (22.835inches). As to what they wanted to fit? Well, this Trasco G63 has a giant partition wall to ensure maximum levels of privacy for the rear seat passengers.

The car also has a retractable 27” Mac which can be controlled using the included iPhone or iPad.

Want to listen to your music? No problem. The Trasco G63 comes with a surround sound speaker system along with a subwoofer all made by Bang & Olufsen.

Other features of the vehicle include ambient lighting, pull out tables, seats that can turn into lie flat beds, a bar, a fridge and a siren.

So there you have it, those are the reasons as to why Trasco are selling a G63 for £900k. To sum it up perfectly, the Trasco G63 is the only car that will allow you to watch The Grand Tour drunk as hell whilst the sirens make some sort of wee woo noise all during a civil war.

Thank you very much for reading my article, feel free to let me know what your opinion on the Trasco G63 is in the comments section down below.

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  • Get me one now !!!

      10 days ago
  • I always feel uncomfortable watching an aftermarket resized vehicles. I feel like that they’re going to break in half. I should really see a therapist!

      10 days ago