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There's A Swiss Supercar Coming

With a V6 heart from Italy.

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Yeah, a SWISS supercar. A supercar from Switzerland is coming. Now, a Swiss car, let alone a supercar, isn't exactly what you'd call 'common'. I'm pretty sure you can count every Swiss brand ever on one hand or less. So, when somebody wants to revive the idea of a Swiss car, it's definitely gonna turn some heads.

SWISS+Supercar=Turned Heads.

lukas shepherd

Now, that somebody in this equation is Stefano Picasso who isn't related to Pablo Picasso. Here are some pictures of the Picasso PS-01.

Picasso calls it "the craziest carbon-fiber car ever". Very far-sighted of them. The photos show the prototypes that are in development in Lugano, Switzerland.

It's an all around carbon-fiber carnival.

The body of the car uses a 3.2 meter/10.5 feet long carbon fiber panel, which, apparently, is the longest ever used on a car using the holy material. In addition to that, the rear subframe is also entirely carbon. Somebody had a lot of carbon-fiber laying around. And because of all this carbon fiber- it weighs just 900 kilograms.

It has a heart that screams "Mamma mia" in car.

There are a lot of technical partners for developing the PS-01. The list goes on and on. Picasso haven't revealed the engine yet, but it's allegedly a twin-turbo V6 from "some of the most famous Italian cars" that is supposed to churn out 600 horsepower. I think it's going to be the one from the Giulia but idrk.

It's going to be the lovechild between Italy and Switzerland. The car one.

To give birth to the PS-01, the company has an international investor. And good news- there are already a couple orders. They have a business strategy that they describe as "Swiss precision, Italian imagination and world technology".

Moral of the story.

Picasso is trying to establish itself as a small but radical company that is going to build cars that have seriously great power-to-weight ratios. Who knows, they might even become the next Koenigsegg, except they're Swiss and are led by Stefano Picasso who isn't related to Pablo Picasso, instead of Swedish and led by Christian von Koenigsegg. (PS, we love you, Koenigsegg)

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