- I've used both my own pictures and pictures provided by the hotel for this article.

There's a watch-themed boutique hotel in Florence and it's incredible

Best hotel I've ever seen. Hands down.

At some point, I'm going to have to admit I just like interior design and that I may have wasted years studying business in school when I could've made better use of that time getting a degree in design or something. Mind you, I don't think I have the intellectual capacity to learn the technicalities of design and style. All I can tell you is whether I think that "looks cool" or not. In this instance, this looks cool. It's a boutique hotel in central Florence, called L'Orologio (Italian for watch/clock) and I particularly love it because it unites two things I care about, design and watches.

Actually, If I'm honest, I went to the hotel because there was a beer tasting, that's a third thing (beer) I'm very much in love with. I got a call from a friend and the moment he said "beer tasting", I said yes. Then he mentioned the name of the hotel, so I said even more yes. Then I googled the hotel, and my yes because an even yesser yes. In fact, this is the yessest yes of the all yesses I've ever yessed.

Anyway, I digress. The L'Orologio is a watch-themed hotel where everything, from furniture elements to decor to paintings on the wall, is dedicated to the beautiful world of keeping and telling time. There are plexiglass panels on the floor protecting and covering pictures of iconic vintage watches. There are paintings and photographs on the wall detailing mechanical movement and complications of world-famous watches. There are plaques and memorabilia.

There are display cases of mythological horological associations, like Millemiglia and Chopard, and vintage photographs of legends wearing timepieces that are now worth more than my house, including the Holy Grail of watch collectors: the Paul Newman Daytona. There are Patek Philippe clocks on the wall showing different time zones.

This is by far and away the best hotel I've ever been in and the fact that it's located in Florence, a 40-minute drive from my home, makes me think I'm lucky.

Ah yes, the beer tasting. The beer was excellent.

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  • Lovely. Needless to say everyone checks out at exactly 10:00.

      1 year ago
  • this takes passion for watches to a whole different level @tribe

      1 year ago