There's now a ceramic coating for vinyl wraps and paint-protection film

Stop your wrap going yellow and keep it cleaner for longer

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We thought we'd seen it all when it comes to car cleaning products and ceramic coatings, but the science boffins over at Gtechniq have a ceramic coating specifically for protecting vinyl wraps and paint-protection film. It's called HALO, and this is how it works - and why you should investigate if you have a wrap on your pride and joy.

Surely a wrap is protection enough?

Sure - a vinyl wrap or paint-protection film (PPF) does protect your car's original paintwork, but if not looked after, a wrap can start to look a bit scabby after a few years. Vinyl's quite soft, so it's prone to light scratches and some wraps can start to discolour over time.

Gtechniq's HALO forms chemical bonds with your wrap and protects everything underneath from the sun's rays, dirt and light scratches. It's not going to make your wrap bulletproof, but it will make it easier to wash your car week-in, week-out.

What is it?

It's a super-dense flexible film that becomes a new top layer for your wrap. It's designed to be easy to apply, which is important because you don't want to have to put any real pressure when you're putting it on - after all, you don't want to scratch the very wrap you're trying to protect.

Is it easy to apply?

Gtechniq advises that you keep your car indoors during the HALO application process, and you'll want to keep it indoors for 12 hours afterwards while the coating cures. You should ideally remove any decontaminants by giving your motor a good through wash and then removing any fingerprints or other grease by spraying your car with a 30% dilution of isopropyl alcohol. Doing this means that the HALO has the best chance of clinging to your car like a limpet with a superglue addiction.

The HALO box includes an applicator pad that you can use for your whole car

The HALO box includes an applicator pad that you can use for your whole car

Then it's a case of using the supplied applicator pad to stroke the HALO onto your car, working in 2ftx2ft areas before removing the residue with a fresh microfibre cloth. That's it - your wrap should be protected for up to two years.

Have you ever looked after a wrap on your car? Tell us in the comments!

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  • So you need a protector for the protector lol

      4 days ago
  • Yanni use this product when it’s still in the development. It looks very nice. But I’m not sure we can buy this in Australia

      6 days ago