There's some wild rumours flying around about the next Honda Civic Type R

The word 'Hybrid' has even been thrown into the mix...

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The latest generation Honda Civic Type R has always been somewhat of a polarising car, with its exaggerated 'hot wheels-esque' styling and frankly incredible performance, though this may pale in comparison to whats in store for the next iteration of Hondas hot hatch if the rumours are to be believed.

According to, they have received 'insider information' that claims the next generation of Civic Type-R will be a 400hp AWD. Oh, and apparently it'll be a hybrid too.

No doubt this will send Honda lovers into a tailspin, not least because it directly contradicts the previous rumour that the next Type R will actually retain its current turbocharged 4-pot and FWD setup, along with a complete lack of any sort of hybrid system.

The latter would make a lot of sense - if you've already got such a winning formula on your hands, why change it? The current Honda Civic Type R was in the news again as recently as the start of this month, having claimed the new best lap time record at Suzuka circuit in limited-edition form.

According to, their source says that Honda could use the current Type Rs 2 litre engine in conjunction with a pair of electric motors. The ICE engine would power the front wheels as per the current setup, whilst the electric motors will power the rear wheels, in a hybrid AWD style system.

The Japanese publication is also claiming that the next evolution of the Civic Type R could debut as soon as 2022, though in reality this may be too soon as Honda officials have pointed out no final decision has been made regarding the makeup of the next Civic Type R.

So we've had two totally conflicting rumours in as many months, which is quite a lot for anyone to take on. Essentially Honda have two options here - keep the current setup and build upon its known engineering, handling characteristics and record-breaking performance, or shift towards a more eco-conscious platform.

Going for the eco-conscious hybrid option would require significant R&D and its associated cost, which would be a considerable risk for Honda as they - like all other manufacturers - are still dealing with the fallout from the Coronavirus crisis, and therefore need to save money wherever possible.

It is also entirely possible that specialist models such as the Type R and its derivatives could be shelved in their entirety for the next few years to save costs. What do you think - should Honda stick with their winning formula or take a chance on the hybridisation of their Type R? Let me know below.

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Comments (24)

  • Screw the hybrid system, make a two door Type R.

      22 days ago
  • Good - in that set up we will have virtually free performance upgrade by ditching 200+ kg of batteries and rear motors :)

      22 days ago
  • The world needs a two door CTR.

      22 days ago
  • It’s about time. The March of Progress finally caught up with the Type-R.

      22 days ago
  • I thought we already knew it was going to be a hybrid and that Honda wasn't going to make ONLY Petrol/Diesel cars anymore,

    or did I misunderstand something?

      19 days ago