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There’s something about #Mopar vehicles. I’ve owned two Chevrolet vehicles, a Mazda, and a Nissan. None of which had a soul. None had the character hat the Mopar cars had/have. My first car I still miss. It was a ‘93 Dodge Shadow ES. Slow as molasses, but had a manual transmission allowing me to sit in a class of drivers unheard of today given the limited number of manual cars.

That car gave me freedom but had a personality. The clutch engaged half an inch from the floor making your timing precise or you stalled.

Now that I’m older, I still stick with Mopar but not by anything other than these two vehicles spoke to me when I test drove them. They were better than the competition in the fact that I felt connected to a living breathing thing. It wasn’t mechanical.

What vehicle maker are you passionate about?

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