There's Something Funny About This "Mustang": It Has A Mid-Engined V10

And it's VERY Italian

3y ago

The normal trend for human behavior is to embellish. To peacock. To brag. To lie. You can call it whatever you want, human beings have the tendency to overstate realities so they can impress others. In the automotive world, this is the exact reason why we see "M", "AMG", or "SRT" badges, and fake hood scoop or vents, sold on auto parts stores so that people can lie to the rest of the world via their cars.

In the case of this "Mustang", the exact opposite has happened. Instead of embellishing it into something more, the creator of the "Hybrid Tractorri" gave a Lamborghini Gallardo the plebeian treatment and turned it into a fifth generation Ford Mustang.

There's obvious mechanical challenges involved in de-glamming an Italian supercar into a more mundane Mustang. The primary one being the fact that a Mustang is front-engined and a Gallardo is mid-engined. The resulting Hybrid Tractorri is a visual and physical mess where the front engine bay is now a big crevasse of nothingness, while the back is packed to the gills to ensure the V10 lives and breathes happily.

The effort to make this creation must have been enormous, and we give the person/team that did this massive props for creating an idea they truly believed in. However, I don't know if there's a person in existence, other than the mad scientists behind the Tractorri, who would ever turn an old Gallardo into an old Mustang. Would you do this?!

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Comments (6)

  • It is a perfect car to bait others into racing it.

      3 years ago
  • I'd rather have a gallardo than a mustang. But I'd rather have this than a v8 gallardo 😝

      3 years ago
  • not a real mustang... didn't murder a crowd

      3 years ago
  • Maybe I'm missing something, they put a 500-600Hp engine into a car that can come with a stock 500Hp engine and is often modded up to 700-1000Hp? Not exactly a huge surprise to come upon a fast Mustang on the road.

      3 years ago
  • This should be illegal...

      3 years ago