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These 2 legends from BMW. Which one prevails?
  • BMW 1-series M (2011)
  • BMW M5 E60 (2006)
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  • M5, when i think of m performance cars I think of heavy sedans crusing at 155 mph comfortably

      10 months ago
    • I do love both but I have decided the 1M is way better

        10 months ago
  • 1 series. Think it's more like original m3. I prefer older m5s

      10 months ago
    • This is for my upcoming list. I was completely torn but now I’m extremely biased for the 1M especially after a drive on Forza

        10 months ago
  • M5, it looks like a plastic body kit

      10 months ago
  • 1 series legend???

      10 months ago
    • Without a doubt. The 1M in Jeremy Clarksons film ‘powered up’ said that was his favourite car. Even over a 12C and Gallardo performante

        10 months ago
  • The E60 M5 is a grenade missing its pin. Play with it at your own risk.

      10 months ago
    • Very good choice of words. The 1M is just sheer slippery fast excitement and it prevails.

        10 months ago


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