These 6 classic cars rendered as futuristic EVs look… different

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With the aim of improving the image of electric vehicles, many manufacturers have chosen to draw inspiration from their more popular classics when creating their next models. For instance, the Honda e is very much a case of modernising the original Civic and VW has revealed countless renders of old-school cars brought back for the modern era.

The craze has now been adopted by the motoring community with talented graphic designers recreating their favourite retro cars as modern, or even futuristic models. Here are 6 examples of classics brought into the modern age all designed by Who Can Fix My Car.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 was made famous for appearing in Bond films since the 1964 movie, Goldfinger. Being such an icon, it might be daunting to take on the challenge of redesigning the DB5 for the modern day. However, this render has done a decent job of mixing its memorable visual traits with today’s design language.

Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic

Just last year, Bugatti unveiled a one-off car, La Voiture Noire, that paid tribute to the Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic that mysteriously went missing in 1938. Although the 2019 version of the car based on the Chiron portrays a similar GT feel, the exterior styling is portrayed much better with this render.

The wheel covers at the front and elongated tail make for a perfect 1930s gangster car. That is if the 1930s had electric vehicle technology and a desire for aggression in automotive styling.

Jaguar E-Type

Out of all the designs in this list, the Jag is definitely the one I would want made into a real model. The cabin leans over the rear wheels making the car look hunkered down over the road as it flies through the British countryside. This chilled back stance reflects the exact reason why the original E-Type is considered one of the all-time great looking cars.

Lamborghini Miura

Some may call the Lamborghini Miura the first of the modern supercars. With a mid-mounted V12, two seats and sleek styling, one can understand why it was such a ground-breaking car. We have already seen a modern representation of the Miura. In 2006, Lamborghini offered the Miura Concept. This latest render integrates the iconic name even further into today’s design trends.

Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

Just like the Lamborghini and the Bentley, the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing has been commemorated by its manufacturer in the past. In fact, the SLS AMG was somewhat of a tribute to the Gullwing with its long bonnet and unique doors. This particular design has done a good job of restomodding the 300SL as opposed to revamping the SLS.

Shelby Cobra

Born from the collaboration of British motor company AC and Carroll Shelby, the Shelby Cobra is an icon of classic motorsport. The little sportscar body hides a brute of a V8. As it is best known for the story behind the engine, an electrified version of the Cobra may seem pointless. However, as it has been redesigned as opposed to modified, it works.

As I said, the Jaguar E-Type render is the one I would pick turn into a real-world car. However, each design brings something interesting to the table. One car I would love to see get the neon and angle treatment is the classic Mini Cooper. What classic car would you like to see as a modern EV?

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