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These are only some of my best Hot Wheels

I have over 1,000 Hot Wheels, so it is impossible to choose favorites and this list just shares some of the best.

7. Ferrari F355 Spider

My Ferrari F355 Spider is an example of retro automotive enthusiasm. It even is painted in classic Ferrari red. This one is a first edition and was first released in 1999. Yep 21 years ago. Hot Wheels main game is to make cars that enthusiasts all around the world admire and this retro Ferrari is no exception. The model has a Ferrari logo on the front and on the quarter panels too add just a little detail. The interior is light tan and has lots of different textures. The tan interior matches well with the red paint job and looks very good. This is one fun car to have in the collection.

6. Mclaren F1 GTR

Now we all now how popular the multi-million dollar valued Mclaren F1 is. And one of the even more desirable versions is the GTR. From the large wing and the bucket seat right in the middle this car is built to perform. The model has a shiny white paint job with red wheels and accents. The black boxed, Mclaren logo lies on the nose and the headlights are painted. With all the vents and louvers the Mclaren F1 GTR, most definitely stands out against over cars and this is yet another great car for your collection.

5. Porsche 944 Turbo

The Porsche 944 Turbo is an underrated sports car that is unlike any other. Is much as I love the 911 it is always cool to invest interest in another Porsche model. This one is a bronze gold with shiny flakes. The wheels are black with silver outlines that match well with the rest of the car. The signal lights are painted orange and the Porsche pony is displayed on the nose. The taillights are painted red with orange signals and the "Turbo" emblem shines in black. This Hot Wheels Porsche 944 is a beautiful sports cars and even though it is one of my newer cars, it is already one of my favorites.

4. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

The sixth element makes this Lamborghini one of the lightest supercars on the planet. In fact it only weight 999 kilos or 2,202 lbs. Practically everything is carbon fiber. There isn't even any seats. Instead their is leather pads studded on the carbon fiber tub. The accents and parts of the interior are red and the car has top mounted exhausts. The headlights are painted and the raging bull is a decal on the nose. This car was featured in the Need For Speed film back in 2014 and Hot Wheels made too celebrate the oddball film.

3. Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4

I have a local Bi-mart that I go to often. One summer day I was looking through a couple of ten packs they just put out. Even though they had just put them out, they were all from 2016 and were very old now. One of them had this multi-pack exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo! Fortunately the Gallardo wasn't the only good car, in fact the whole pack has licensed cars. But it sure was the highlight. It is a shining orange with beautiful wheels that shine. The headlights are painted as well as the Lamborghini logo. Even the taillights are painted with the realistic textures. The lamborghini lettering is written in silver in between the taillights and through the glass you can see the naturally aspirated 5.2 L V-10.

2. 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

You probably know by now that I am obsessed with Porsche. More particularly the 911. I remember the first time I saw a GT3 RS. It was in violet purple, with black rims and yellow brake calipers. I fell held over heels in love. The Flat-6 engine is also my favorite engine, for how unique and unused it is these days. This purple GT3 RS of mine is drop-dead gorgeous and extravagantly epic. The headlights are clear plastic and the Porsche logo is painted on the front The fender louvers that provide down-force is engraved into the casting as well as the intake vents on the rear fenders, that feed the 4.0 L naturally aspirated Flat-6 that produces 493 horsepower. I absolutely love this model!

1. 2017 Ford GT

I have always loved the GT40 and the first GT. When I found out that Ford was bringing back the Ford GT in the most beautiful fashion, I was so pumped. Then Forza Motorsport 6 came out with the 2017 Ford GT on the cover. It has been one of my favorite cars on the planet ever since. Now I have owned one in 1/64 scale. The headlights are painted and the Ford logo rests on the front. I have multiple Ford GT's but this launch spec is my most favorite!

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  • Wow, great collection. I have a ways to go before I catch up!

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  • Great collection you have zakk. Your pictures are good as well. Keep up the excellent work.

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  • Good collection. As soon as i read the title i knew it would be you Zakk XD

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  • Awesome!

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