What car gave you your first steps into the world of personal motoring? I bet that if you’re from Europe, a Corsa will have had some influence on your early automotive life at some point.

Be it your first car, a family hand-me-down or even just through a friend that had one, Corsas have been an amazingly popular entry into car ownership for decades.

We imagine many of you will have a Corsa-based memory, so to get you guys reminiscing, I asked around the DriveTribe office to see what personal Vauxhall or Opel Corsa moments stick out to the DT team.

Tim Rodie – director of media

The year was 2003. And it was my peak Corsa year. I had just got into sixth form at an all-boy’s school in Essex, and my mates had all started passing their driving tests. Matt was one of the first, and he inherited a Corsa B from his brother who’d just gone off to university.

The Corsa had a surprisingly good sound system, fed by Matt’s state of the art, pre-iPod MP3 player. It had about 64mb of memory and could hold around 20 songs. I distinctly remember the unimpressed glares from denizens of the girls’ school across the road as we cruised past blasting B*witched’s C’est La Vie out of the vivacious Vauxhall. But it didn’t matter what the girls thought – we had a Corsa, we had freedom (for our lunch hour only – and we were never late back for double geography), and therefore, we had pizza for lunch every day. Truly they were halcyon days.

Michael – head of commercial video production

After having three Corsas from my teenage years until my mid-twenties, I'd consider myself a bit of a Corsa fanboy. My first trusty ‘96 Corsa cost me just £600 and lasted me into the start of my filming career, lugging copious amounts of kit back and forth from shoots.

Then there was my Corsa that got me back and forth to the hospital for two years when my mom was sick, so the Friday night M11 trip from London to Suffolk and then back again Sunday afternoon became our journey.

I had many mixed emotions in that car, from a full-on cheerful sing song, to when it eventually ferried me to her funeral after making the same drive weekly for two summers and winters. So I tip my hat to you little Corsa, thank you for all that we shared.

And here’s mine

I had my first driving lesson in a Fiat 500, and it was awful. I have hated those little gutless Fiats ever since, as whenever I see one I get flashbacks of overly-shouty driving instructors, a crap clutch and a feeble little excuse for an engine.

Then, my driving school changed its inventory and I was presented with a brand new Corsa D. The gear change, the steering, the engine, the brakes – everything that you could touch was in a different league to the Fiat.

My school year was full of girls who defaulted to buying 500s as their first cars, if only they’d had a go behind the wheel of one of those Griffin-badged little hatchbacks.

Oh, and my first mate to pass his driving test had a Corsa C, and I was in the car coming back from a house party when he got his first ever speeding ticket. It wasn’t like we were egging him on or anything…

So those are our Corsa memories, but what are yours? We’d love to know how this car has influenced your life in whatever way, so tell your Corsa story in the comments below!

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