T​hese are the 5 coolest Bugatti accessories

C​ounting down the 5 best Bugatti accessories

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B​ugatti has some of the greatest and fastest cars in the world. Who wouldn’t want to own one? The only problem is that all of their cars are well over a million dollars. While a car might not be in our reach just yet, some of these accessories might be.

1​. Bugatti Pool Table

T​his sure is special. These custom built Bugatti pool tables have precision just like the cars themselves. While only 30 will be made and each costs $300,000 this might only be a dream. Not to mention that you could buy a supercar or even a house with this kind of money.

2​. Bugatti Baby II (Bugatti mini car)

A​www it’s so cute! This tiny ride is perfect for millionaire babies. It is a scaled down Bugatti Type 35 powered by an electric motor that actually drives. Its top speed is around 28 mph, respectful for the size it is. The price? About $40,000.

3​. Bugatti Chiron Lego Technic set

L​egos are some timeless little blocks that can tell a huge story. This set is modeled after the famous Bugatti Chiron and its beautiful blue color. It’s a a complicated build and might take you some time to complete. This item might actually be in your price range at a cost of $350.

4​. Jacob & Co. W16 Bugatti watch

E​ver seen a watch with an engine in it? I sure haven’t. This special edition watch made by the high end company Jacob & Co. is a wristwatch with an engine in it. Which engine you might ask? The famous Bugatti W16. Jacob & Co. has made other Bugatti watches but this one has to be my personal favorite. While it is outstanding, its retail price is a hefty $280,000 which is money most people can’t just throw around.

5​. Bugatti Handbag collection

L​ike blue? Like handbags? Like Bugatti? If so then these are the bags for you. It’s a collection of rare Ettore Bugatti bags that are colored like their 1920s racing cars. While their is no price specified on these bags, they sure must be expensive.

W​hich of these Bugatti accessories was your favorite? Comment down below.

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