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I've not looked on AutoTrader for a few weeks now, but I decided to re-visit the website to look at some of the hypercars they have listed for sale. All of the cars featured today cost well over £1 million.

This will also be my last AutoTrader post of the year with it being Christmas next week. Be sure to join Second Gear to keep up with the latest posts from me and Adrian.

McLaren Senna | £1,499,995

Only 500 Senna's have been produced and all were sold out before the car was revealed to the public. All Senna's were given McLaren's MSO treatment which means no Senna is like any other as all are built to a custom order by the owner.

This particular Senna is finished in a tasteful black/blue paint combo which also carries over into the interior of the car. There's also plenty of exposed carbon fibre on show which will please everyone. The car has 250 miles on it so it's barely been driven since leaving the factory. It can be yours for just £1,499,995.

Pagani Huayra | £1,650,000

With its spaceship styling and that it's built by hand, the Pagani Huayra is one of the ultimate cars for showing off and looking good. Despite being revealed in 2011, the Huayra still looks fresh and turns heads whenever one is spotted in public.

This particular example is right hand drive which is something special for such a small company like Pagani. They didn't have to make it in right hand drive but they did so anyway. The car has a stunning red/black paint combination, with a beautiful black interior. With only 2300 miles on it, this Huayra can be yours for £1,650,000.

Koenigsegg Agera N | £2,100,000

I love Koenigsegg and their cars for how crazy and unique they are. Like Pagani's, Koenigsegg's are hand built by a team of experts and is a masterpiece when it comes to engineering. Koenigsegg currently hold the record for the world's fastest car with the Agera RS, which set a top speed of 277mph.

However, this one is the Agera N which was specially commissioned for a UK customer due to it having a right hand drive configuration. The car is finished in a beautiful paint configuration which combines white, blue, yellow and exposed carbon fibre. The interior is just as stunning with the use of black leather, black Alcantara and yellow accent stitching. With a high mileage of 13,850 miles, this Koenigsegg has been well used but its rarity makes up for the £2,100,000 price tag.

Ferrari LaFerrari | £2,200,000

The LaFerrari is one of the best cars to come out in the 2010s and makes up on third of the 'Holy Trinity' of hypercars. Ferrari only made 499 LaFerrari coupes so no matter which one you buy, you are entering an exclusive club of LaFerrari owners.

This particular one caught my eye purely because it isn't red. This one is finished in what Ferrari call Grigio Ferro which is a fancy way of saying dark grey. It's got a lovely black interior and there is plenty of carbon fibre both inside and out of the car. The car has 7,000 miles on it but that doesn't matter when it's such a special car to own and see. This fine example can be yours for just £2,200,000.

Bugatti Chiron | £2,594,950

The Bugatti Chiron is the direct replacement for the legendary Veyron and wow'd the world when it was revealed a few years ago. Sure, the Chiron isn't the world's fastest car as it has a limited top speed of 261mph but like the Veyron, it is an engineering master piece. It has 1500bhp coming from a W16 engine which has four turbos attached to it. It's also better to drive than the Veyron thanks to its improved AWD system, fatter tires and improved aerodynamics.

This Chiron is finished in a tasteful red exterior theme with red paint and red carbon fibre bodywork. On the inside, you'll find black leather with red accents for the stitching with carbon fibre here and there. This Chiron has 400 miles on it and can be yours for a cool £2,594,950.

Which one do you want?

Let me know in the comment section what hypercar you want this Christmas. I'd personally go for the Koenigsegg.

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