These are the weirdest car doors ever

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We all love getting in cars. There is just something about crossing the threshold between using your slow, boring, achy feet and placing down your buttocks at the helm of some motor vehicle.

As this video proves sometimes this action of climbing aboard is not often a simple one.

I stumbled across this brilliant video put together by Freeze Lists in 2016, and it's verging on a piece of artwork. These cars are ridiculous.

FreezeLists put together 12 in total, but I've picked 7 of my favourite. To see all of them in the full video scroll down to the bottom!

7. Yo Mobil's sliding doors

Yo...what's going on here?

In 2011 at the Frankfurt motor show Yo Mobil rolled up with one of the sleekest looking concept cars, and it would have been Russia's first hybrid car.

What set this machine out from the rest was the bug-like doors that folded through the rear body work to stash like the wings of a bee.

The car never made it onto the road, and the project folded in 2015.

6. Rezvani Beast Alpha

These have to be a first

Built in California, the Rezvani Beast Alpha was a cool looking 500bhp supercar, and its 175mph top speed was definitely nothing to shake your head at...unless you're Bugatti.

The car even features its own removable roof, but that wasn't the most eye-catching inclusion.

The two doors opened in a weird forward sliding track, that moved the door body out and over the front wheels.

The doors definitely add over a foot to the cars width, making it pretty dodgy for parking in confined spaces. Not to mention the weight must have some influence on the Beast Alpha's performance.

5. Alfa Romeo Pandion

Yep, that's just not practical.

Alfa Romeo are a company trusted to bring style, looks and some level of exoticism to their cars.

However, the Italian marque may have seriously crossed the line with the Bertone Pandion concept car.

The flowing shape looks great, and the large side window gives the car and pretty individual, but the side panel is almost entirely the door.

When folded back on its rear pivot the door reaches a height of 3.6m, making underground parking lots strictly off limits.

4. Ford Evo Concept

A few years before 2011, Ford executives believed that the company was beginning to lose it's design identity and were looking for something to reignite their profile.

The 2011 concept showed just how committed the American-giant's designers were to creating something special.

The Evos gullwing-esque doors fold up and outwards and the front, revealing a clean and spacey interior. What takes this to another level is that the rear doors also do the same, almost completely exposing the innards of the car.

3. Tesla Falcon

Now I know this might be a strange addition, and may not really be that cool to many people, but a certain feature of the Falcon's doors make them pretty well thought out.

The driver, and front-passenger doors open normally (yawn) and the rear doors open with a gullwing fashion, giving a little nod to Mercedes 300SL.

But these rear doors also have a hinge in the middle, allowing the whole door to open even in your typical parking space.

The doors apparently only need one foot of space on either side.

I didn't know this was a thing until I watched this video, and I rate it.

2. BMW Isetta

The BMW Isetta is nothing short of iconic. The little 'Bubble car' was a cult-hit, and to this day one of the most recognisable cars of all time.

What made the car so unique was it's wacky door system. With such a small engine hidden away, there was ample space in front of the car, allowing for the whole front panel to effectively become the door.

Not great if you park facing a wall, but you're all clever enough to know that...right?

1. Holden Hurricane

In my opinion the 1969 Holden Hurricane has the coolest door in the video.

The car was originally created for studying design trends, and long range propulsion systems (as the video suggests).

The Hurricane also ran a precursor to the satnav, and climate control.

The coolest innovation to feature on the car is of course the massive door, or canopy, that opened over the front body work. Holden even set about recreating the classic from old blueprints, so that they had a fully working Hurrican to show off.

It's truly something out of a sci-fi film, and with the stunning bronze colouring this car wouldn't be out of place in a Gerry Anderson creation.

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