- A Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Centenario concept key! - Image from @Bad.not.bad

These Concept Car Keys Are Pretty Cool!

33w ago


By Phil Bradley

We've seen many different car keys coming with new models. From Tesla's Model X, where the car can be put into it's 'party mode', to the BMW 7 series, which moves the car forwards out of a parking space for the driver. Iskander Utebayev, (@bat.not.bad on Instagram) has showed some videos of new concept keys on some hypercars.

The designer has showed us videos on concept keya for the Bugatti Chiron and the Lamborghini Centenario. The Chiron key is a sleek, chrome key with leather in the centre, but its the function of the key that's really cool. The key has a push to start function, that starts your Chiron from outside the vehicle. The key also displays what mode the Bugatti is in once started.

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A Bugatti Chiron concept key! - Video from @Bad.not.bad

Then we have the Lamborghini Centenario concept key. The Lambo key looks more futuristic, with a familiar Lamborghini fob style. The key has a touch screen, which, similar to a smart phone allows you to swipe up to start the engine of the Centenario. Once started, the key then displays information such as your previous top speed, amount of fuel left and brake wear.

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A futuristic Centenario key! - Video from @Bad.not.bad

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  • That's going to make going down the pub interesting. How smug

    7 months ago


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