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These guys decided to remove the doors from their camo-Corvette C8

But .. why?

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Usually, when a manufacturer decides to give one of their models the chop-top treatment, a lot of importance is placed on the doors and the lower-side panels of the car in terms of structural integrity, because they're expected to keep the car intact. However, two American gentlemen, named Dan and Justin, have decided that doors are a bit .. unnecessary, because they wanted to turn their C8 into a Jeep. How hard can it be?


A standard Corvette C8 does come across as quite a modest car to look at, so the wrap around this variant does do some justice to the incredibly aerodynamic body, giving it the exuberant touch it warrants. Upon further inspection, and given the title of the video, you'd be forgiven for assuming that these chaps have fitted the 'Vette with a lift kit, or some beefed up suspension, perhaps even a set of off-roading tyres - but that's far from the reality of it.

With the car still very much focused on speed and performance, the idea behind removing the doors was to add an element of uniqueness to a common sports car - you may ask, 'why would you try and turn a C8 into a Jeep? What could possibly come of this?' Quite simply, Dan and Justin will reply with, 'why not?'

There are obvious dangers involved with driving a car that has no doors. As mentioned earlier, the structural integrity of their project is very likely to take a punch - the car will be extremely flimsy in the event of a crash, presumably breaking into two parts and rendering its occupants immensely vulnerable.

The feeling of being able to have 24,901 miles of open air either side of you, whilst being hurled around in what might just be the best sports car America is currently producing, at the cost of a *bit of safety*, is a price they feel is worth paying, and who can argue with that? The automotive world has conjured up some incredibly wacky, and perilously treacherous machines in the past - and this Corvette C8 stakes a claim for being right up there with the maddest of them.

Here's a clip of the car before it went through its surgery, and I'll leave it to my fellow petrol-head's to decide whether or not this was a smart move. One thing's for sure, though, they'll be loving the attention it gets.


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