T​hese guys found a way to go 50 MPH on square wheels

Y​es, your eyes do not deceive you

1y ago

H​uman's have a tenacity to ask some pretty ridiculous questions, like "can I use my stick of celery as a snorkel?" or in this case, "What if, instead of round wheels we used square wheels?!?". Well this is exactly the question that YouTube user WhistlinDiesel ​has tried to answer is one of his videos.

H​ere's how the story goes:

A​ few years ago the popular show Mythbusters decided to test if a pickup truck could drive on square wheels. The video uploaded by WhistlinDiesel ​is even titled "Proving Mythbusters Wrong". However, as you can see in the video above they came to a very similar conclusion. Both agreed that while possible square wheels obviously cannot work practically, even though the ride smooths out at higher speeds.

Having said that, these guys really don't have much over the Mythbusters, especially since the TV show actually used rubber tires on their square wheels and didn't replace the front two for traditional wheels halfway through.

F​or reference here's' the Mythbuster's show from 2012:

D​espite certain inconsistencies this video is absolutely worth a watch, and they even managed to achieve a higher top speed than the Mythbusters, at 50 MPH. Furthermore, the video that these guys put up is set in a much more muddy environment, and allowed the square "wheels" to act effectively as paddles, pushing the truck along through the muck.


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