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These guys made the 7.3-litre Godzilla V8 churn out an incredible 1,100hp

A surprising amount of the engine remains stock!

4w ago

The legendary "Godzilla" V8 'crate' motor from Ford has managed to defy even the expectations of even the harshest critics, proving it can handle power far beyond initial predictions, way beyond its stock 430hp and 475 lb/ft of torque in stock form.

Thanks to it being available as a crate engine from Ford themselves, the Godzilla engine has found its way into all kinds of incredible projects, with many tuners boosting the power to dizzying heights, including former Ford Racing director Brian Wolfe who managed to wrangle 787hp from the engine, without the need for any forced induction modifications.

The engine is used in a number of Ford's trucks.

The engine is used in a number of Ford's trucks.

However, that pales in comparison to Merkel Racing Engine's effort, who managed to squeeze over 1000hp from the pushrod V8 engine, thanks to the addition to two whopping turbochargers, and very little else.

The throttle body and OBR Maps have been upgraded and modified, along with a new twin intercooler system and a set of 1000cc injectors.

With 15psi of boost, at 5,800rpm this tuned Godzilla motor was putting out an astonishing 1114hp, more than twice the stock output. Torque peaked at a staggering 1,037 lb/ft at 5,400rpm, which is impressive. Not only that, but the majority of the engine internals were stock - the camshaft, rods and pistons were all left untouched and unmodified.

There's no plan for the impressive engine yet, but safe to say whatever it does end up in, it'll certainly be impressive!

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Comments (8)

  • Every time I hear Ford and 7.3 it gives me horrible flashbacks to the 01 F350 my dad had growing up, man that thing was an absolute lemon, convinced me to never buy another Ford ever again

      28 days ago
    • You must be mistaken because the 7.3 was the diesel and it has a well earned reputation for durability and long life. It was noisy as can be but it would go forever.

      And the gas engine of the time was the 7.5 liter 460 ci and it too had a great...

      Read more
        27 days ago
    • Oh no it was a 7.3 powerstroke diesel out of a 2001 Ford F350 with an auto trans. I know they have a reputation for reliability and are considered a solid diesel but my experience with it was truly awful, just problem after problem. That is very...

      Read more
        26 days ago
  • It should end up in a lifted show truck.

      29 days ago
  • Yup , great for a truck , lots of torque. Way to long of a stroke for a car. Beside the small LS Gm with twin turbos will also make 1100 ish but will turn way more rpm !

      28 days ago
  • That would be nice in my old transit van. Talk about a sleeper lol

      25 days ago
  • 🥱

      26 days ago