These Nikes are made from recycled materials

Anybody else looking to buy the Air Forces

5w ago


As the wave of climate-focused changes continues, even fashion brands are beginning to make 'green' choices. Several high-end luxury brands have officially announced they'll stop producing furs while others, Gucci for example, are releasing new lines comprised of products made from recycled materials.

In this particular case, Nike is introducing the new Sportswear Recycled Canvas pack, featuring some of the brand's flagship sneakers, made from recycled material including leather fibres, foam and laces.

The collection includes (left to right) 2007 Air Force 1 sneakers (men's and women's), Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Daybreak-Type and Cortez.

What's your pick? I want the Air Forces, of course

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  • Cortez! 😁

      1 month ago
  • I have a pair of vintage Air Force Nike’s - they are just old sneakers to me, a pair I didn’t wear that much but still in decent shape (not embarrassing). I just never tossed them. I wore them the other day and my teenage son and his friends fell over. I had no idea! Dad was cool! For 5 minutes.

      1 month ago