These six cars describe what people perceived of the future back then

Take a trip back to the boomer times!

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This year has not been great. Let's take a break from all the pandemics , politics and protests. Let's see what was supposed to happen. Where the heck are all the flying cars?

The assortment of all these vehicles prove that predicting the future is indeed very hard.

1936 Modern Mechanix & Inventions Super-Cycle

This vision of the future motorbike used two engines and spherical wheels to go 300mph. We aren’t sure how stable or controllable it would be, but that’s not the point. It looks like something out of an Asimov novel! It looks like something you'll ride on planet Trantor!

1962 Singoletta

Ah...the true Jeremy P45 competetor. It was reportedly designed by Franco Bandini and illustrated by Walter Molino in the early 1960s. If you build a small body around a modern-day Segway, this might not be so far off from reality.

This Chrysler from 1945

Designed by Gil Spear, his specialty was reportedly the front of automobiles. Perhaps that's why the rear end of this Chrysler disappears magically. He did predict the fact that our small cars now have big and disproportionate grills.

1961 Mead / McLouth XV

It’s quite likely you’ve heard of Syd Mead. The legendary designer and futurist was responsible for some of the coolest Hollywood sci-fi creations ever, but he also created this curious concept for the McLouth Steel Corporation in 1961. This was made by the creator of the car from blade runner!

1970 Mead / Purdy Urban Car

The Mead collection continues, with the sci-fi legend illustrating this urban microcar from the mind of automotive writer Ken Purdy. Does anyone else see shades of the AMC Pacer in this creation?

1979 Mead Anti-Gravity Car

Ah...finally! The heavily anticipated flying car. Mead designed this car 41 years ago, in the age of the disco, and it still looks hella cool ! Sadly, science hasn’t yet cracked the secrets of field manipulation, dark matter and anti-thrust to create simple anti-grav generators, but as soon as that happens, this is what we want.

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  • What do you think of these cars @tribe ?

      27 days ago
  • I'd drive a Mead Purdy Urban Car.

      27 days ago
  • Umm,even the PEEL P50 and ISETTA can make to this list,can they??😅😅

      27 days ago
  • The purdy urban car does look nice

      27 days ago