- My Ford Broncos

These two bucking Broncos are a lot different than they first appear!

These to Bronocs were made by Greenlight and are heavily detailed


Both of these Broncos are 1967s and both have a roll cage and no doors. I have always been in love with all generations of the Bronco and with it making a return I had to get some into my collection. they are all metal, have rubber tires and it even has plastic shock molds.

The white Bronco

We will start with the pearl white one. The paint job has lots of sparkles in it and it looks amazing with the luxurious red interior. This Bronco is very blingy and more of a fancy weekend driver. It has chrome wheels and a shiny grill. The "Ford" lettering is painted in red and the signal lights and headlights are painted in their proper colors. The hood even opens to expose its black and blue 289 cubic inch V-8. Even all the chassis work is present on this model. On the sides of the quarter panels is the silver "Bronco" lettering that look great on the pearl white paint job. Moving forward to the rear of the Bronco the taillights are painted read and the "Ford" lettering is embedded into the bodywork. This casting is gorgeous and I am in love with it!

The blue Bronco

The white Bronco was a stylish coffee cruiser, whereas this one is a more utility and functional Bronco. One of the largest differences is that the blue Bronoc has a large black winch on the front, which gives the model a utilitarian off-road look. Instead of a fancy shiny grille it has Ford's classic white grille. The "Ford" lettering is painted in black instead of red and the signals and the headlights are painted in their proper colors. The hood opens on this model to with a 289 V-8, just with a different air-cleaner. Instead of a red interior, this Bronco gets a white interior. Unlike the white Bronco this one has steelie wheels not chrome wheels. The rear details are very similar, but have silver outlining around the red taillights. The roll bar is black and not chrome and the silver "Bronco" lettering is on each side on this model as well.


You may or may not be wondering what one is my favorite. Honestly I can't decide between the beautiful flash of the white and the utilitarian functionality characteristic of the blue one. I love them both and wouldn't give up either. The Blue one has more paint details because it has a cheaper paint job, but that doesn't help me pick. Thanks to all of you who read and as always if you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more!

White Bronco

Blue Bronco

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