They are Blue, they are famous and they are being auctioned off together

Very exciting indeed, nice and close to Christmas as well!

2y ago

The 2019 January Mecum Kissimmee Auction is right around the corner and this year bidders will have the chance to purchase two very special classic Corvettes as they have been placed together as one lot.

The first is a 1963 C2 Corvette convertible which was originally given General Motors design boss Harley J. Earl and the second is a 1964 C2 Corvette coupe which was given to his successor Bill Mitchell .

As you can see they are very Blue indeed. So Blue in fact, whilst reading this article I would imagine that you are humming Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue.

The 1963 C2 Corvette convertible

The 1964 C2 Corvette coupe

Are they not just absolutely jaw-dropping to look at. I think it is fair to say that will likely be the one of the most expensive Corvette sales of the day.

What do you think? Are you hoping Santa bids on this for you?

All image credit to the Mecum Auction website.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Comments (9)

  • They do belong together.

      2 years ago
  • Fantastic looking 'vettes! I love the side-pipes!

      2 years ago
    • Gorgeous aren't they! Imagine having the kind of money to just go and bid on these for your own private collection!!!

        2 years ago
    • Hard to come by money like that honestly ;)

        2 years ago
  • Those pipes are glorious!

      2 years ago
  • Amazing cars. Never thought a Chevy would looks so good in blue.

      2 years ago