They Lost...Again

Spot The Grand Trio#4

While busy taking a break from filming Andy Wilman sent the trio into town to get some water for them. But that was a big mistake that he regrets alot. It's been quite a while since the trio return and the camera crew are getting quite impatient.

When Andy Wilman checks up to see where they are he sees that they have again gotten themselves lost again in a rather massive crowd! He suspects James Make AKA captain sense of direction got them lost in the massive crowd.

So now he climbs to the top of a tower to see if he can get a better view and see if he can spot the trio. Can you help him spot from the tower where the trio are hiding and lost? You need to find them because The Grand Tour filming has come to a halt.

Which could cause big trouble in their filming schedule for the whole year. This will be throwing the whole thing into a complete disaster! So how hard can it really be to spot the trio hiding here?

They hiding somewhere

They hiding somewhere

Which pressenter did you spot first?

Which one was the hardest?

How hard was it to find all of them?

have you found them?

If you haven't you must look a bit harder. Or if you have all three of the presenters give your invisible friend next to you a high-five. Thanks for reading and I hope you had fun.

Thanks for reading...

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