They Shoot cars don't they ?

a little extra lighting to make the interior pop

Thought we'd make a little collection today showing the love and passion that goes into all our shoots. A glimpse if you like through the letterbox into the world of car photography and film

A little cross section of shoots with our production team going that extra mile

Above is a little sneak peak into the world of James Mann a regular at the studio

" Really like the way you guys work "

James Mann

And Below a little Tom Gidden action in the cove, with everyone lending a hand

Below you'll find a peak into a ferrari shoot in the cove with Tom Wood in full flight

"The most helpful team and brilliant studio...thank you for a perfect days shooting"

Steve Jenkinson, Pilot Studios

I Think one of the reasons we wanted to do this little collection is to help show the care and attention we put into this. Its easy to think that one can snap off a pic with an iphone and that'll do. But after the care, love, passion and yes blood sweat and tears that went into designing these beauties why not show the same love in photographing them. Lots more to follow so watch this space ;-)

"Great shoot, great studio, great people!"

Kevin Godley


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People have been complaining about the design, I might have some fixes..