Things Your Non Car Enthusiast Friends Say...

2y ago


Comment below the most annoying things someone has said!

Why would you want a manual transmission? It’s just harder to drive.

Why would I shift on my own if the car can do it for me?

Is that the Lamborghini Veyron? (Yes, this is an actual quote from a friend of mine)

Why would a car be so loud?

Why would you spend that much on a car when my Prius cost so much less?

Why would you put the engine in the back? Where will your stuff go?

Why would you want popups? They look so stupid.

If you turn the music up loud enough you won’t be able to hear the car.

The new Top Gear is way better. Chris Evans really fixed that show.

Horse power just means bad MPG.

What is so special about tunnels?

I don't get why people like to slide around in their cars. Thats just childish.

Wait why is the traction control off??

Why are you kicking me out of the car?

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