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Thinking back on some shelved projects and in some form or another I will revisit portions of these ideas as the time comes.
The maturing idea that the two cylinder might need more piston and capacity has once again come to mind, and whilst there is the addition of a Roots blower on it there is only so much you can get from just two cylinders.
However I will always be a fan of supercharging and carburetors, these two fundamentals will remain.

Daihatsu has a three cylinder 1 litre engine that was it's mainstream for the last 7 years it was sold in Australia (1998-2005). The mighty EJ-DE, a technological confusion of electronic witchcraft and a twin cam head that was never given a distributor. The lower rotating assembly does ha
ve some goodies to offer. The crank is semi forged unlike it's early and smaller variations. The factory piston offers quite a large dish.
When coupled with the 12 valve EF-EL head can give a very low compression ratio.
Perfect for say an Eaton TVS-R410 supercharger and a Weber 45 mm DCOE.
Before i get ahead of myself, forcus is required in finishing what I currently have.
Lets finish this another time....

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