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This 1-week old Tesla Model X had catastrophic suspension failure

Oh c#ck. (Save that for when you read the replies on Twitter.)

Yes, I guess you can say "well, I saw this coming": As much as Tesla impacted the whole electric car industry, Elon Musk's automobiles are notorious for their lack of quality control. And when something goes wrong on their cars, owners tweet to Elon Musk directly. Like this unlucky bloke did, because his brand-new car just suffered a huge suspension failure. This will definitely cause someone at JD Powers to raise an eyebrow:

Although the owner said the "wheel fell off", it's actually much, much worse. It appears a lower control arm of the suspension snapped. Beastlyorion, the Model X owner, mentions that Tesla is making him pay for the repair, and mentions some wear on the side of the tire, as well as a “small indent” on the bumper.

As outrageous as this is, this still doesn't stop the Elon Musk Fan Club from rushing to his unneeded rescue:

... Seriously?

But hold on, it gets worse. This degree of being nuts (probably) only happens in Tesla circles:

Look at it this way: A dude is complaining (and rightfully so) that his brand-new $80K car had a catastrophic failure and people are going bonkers on him. One more:

Of course, there’s also plenty of responses referencing other suspension issues with Teslas, a number of which are focused on control arm failures and problems. This seems to be A Thing. It’s a strange part to fail, though, really. It is a part subject to intense stresses, but it’s not like it’s particularly complex or poorly understood—this is some Cars 101 shit right here. It’s a control arm. No need to call SpaceX to consult, because this is absolutely not rocket science.

This is also the kind of failure, that, were it to happen at speed (not hard with a Tesla), could potentially cause a wreck that could result in people getting injured. A week-old car should not have problems like this. Hell, a car a decade or more old shouldn’t have control arms just snapping. This is ridiculous. and the idea that a car with no evidence of a major accident shouldn’t have this covered by warranty is absurd as well.

Even if the driver went over a curb or a pothole, I think it’s reasonable to expect that a car (one with some SUV/rugged pretensions, especially) should not break a control arm. Any incident that would have imparted enough force to break a control arm of industry-standard levels of quality would have caused other collateral damage.

However, this problem looks like it's getting resolved. The Tesla at least. On a side note, as of when this article was written Elon didn't respond.

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