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This 1000hp R34 GTR just picked a fight against a Formula-1 car in a roll race.

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You may have read last week about the roll-race that we teamed up with Caradvice between a 1300hp Toyota 86 (WTF86) street car and the 1994 Footwork Arrows F-1. The show down was due to happen over the weekend at the 2017 Adelaide Motorsport Festival. Unfortunately for us, the battle didn’t quite go the way we had planned, but we made best with what we had at our disposal.

F1 vs WTF86 was supposed to be one of the main events for Saturday afternoon at the AMF. Photo by Matthew Everingham, Speednation.

Just 15 minutes before the Toyota was due to go head to head against the F1, the 86 disintegrated a CV joint during the afternoon time attack session meaning she was down for the count. With only minutes remaining til the showdown was due to commence, we scrambled to find another vehicle to run against the Footworks Arrows F1 car.

The upgraded driveshafts in the 86 didn’t make it through a full time attack session earlier in the day, even at low boost.

A quick look around the time-attack pits had us eyeing off Matt Longhurst’s 1000hp R34 GTR, the current lap record holder for tin-tops at the shortened Adelaide street circuit as used for the festival. Even though the R34 had substantially less horsepower and much less torque than the 86, given the advantage of all-wheel-drive, we hoped the additional traction would make up for the lack of horsepower.

Matt Longhurst’s R34 GT-R was one of the fastest cars at the track, only seconds behind the F1 cars around the circuit.

A few minutes later we had strapped Todd Hazelwood (2017 Supercars Super 2 Dunlop series champion) into the driver’s seat of Matt’s incredibly fast time attack GT-R.

Todd Hazelwood strapped into the driver’s seat of the 1000hp R34 GTR, ready for the unlikely showdown.

While the roll race was no longer the F1 vs a street car, the fans were not disappointed with the iconic Godzilla coming in as the substitute for the Toyota.

An unlikely match, both cars were at the top of their class on the day.

Statistics at a glance:

1994 Footwork “FA15” F1

Engine: Ford Cosworth DFR 3.5L V8. 620 hp (462 kW at the engine) at 10,750 rpm

Weight: ~515kg (dry, without driver)


1999 Nissan R34 GT-R

Engine: Billet block RB26 stroked to 2.8L. 1000hp (at the crank)

Weight: ~1300kg (wet, without driver)

Special thanks to Josh Kean, Todd Hazelwood and Matt Longhurst.

This showdown was made possible thanks to Caradvice and Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

Drone footage thanks to Pixels With Attitude.