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This 1/64 Bullitt Mustang is a spotlight in my collection!

This 1/64 replica of the Bullitt Mustang is as accurate to the real car as it can get!

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As a huge collector of 1/64 die-cast, I collect some premium casings and one of the best brands for that is Greenlight. And when your spending more money on a brand that makes higher quality models, your bound to have a selection of iconic cars from popular movies and hit TV shows. In the movie Bullitt, the great Steve Mcqueen drives a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback with a 390 V-8. He uses the Mustang in a car chase against criminals that were driving a 1968 Dodge charger with a 440 magnum. This epic car chase through San Francisco would latter be one of the most favored and rememberable scenes in movie history. Years latter the Bullitt would return to the world as a unrestored muscle car that will later sell at Mecum for a whopping $3.4 million!

Car and Driver

Car and Driver

The model

The first thing you notice with this casting is the dusty windows and the rusty body. The attention to detail is so high the windows have been airbrushed to look dusty and untouched in years. The glass looks faded and it make the car look very realistic. All the rust details and worn out textures on the real Bullitt Mustang are replicated on this model. One of the features that stands out is the "pinstripe" of rust that strides down from the top of the hood. All the white textures from the rain and air that has worn the car down are present all over the unrestored car. On the right front quarter panel, you can see a huge patch of rust that looks like it was splatted on there. There are little patches of rust all over the bodywork of the car's faded Highland green paintwork.

Bonus details

The front headlights are painted white and the bumper that was once chrome is now a faint silver color. Even the small fog lights have been integrated into the model and the ligths themselves are painted. All four of the wheel are rusted out that gives the model the true unrestored aspect. Moving on to the rear, the taillights are painted red with silver outlining and the mustang emblem in the middle. The entire rear bumper is covered in rust!


An unrestored Bullit mustang, die-cast car is the perfect recipe for something truly special in your collection. The car with all the rusty, dusty and musty details make this car so exciting to own. Greenlight went above and beyond with this model and I highly recommend you add one in your collection. Thanks to all of you who read! As always if you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more content!

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