This 1911 EMF Racer is a work of art

Something about a stripped out brass era car...

1y ago

Yes, I'm still sorting through all of the pictures I took from the Savannah Speed Classic event that took place last Fall. Though I didn't get to see this 1911 EMF Racer on the track, I still got the opportunity to get up close and personal with my camera. Not only was this car used to chauffeur Savannah's mayor around the track for a hot lap, it also had won it's class at Amelia Island earlier in the Spring. The details on this car are glorious, it was hard to believe that it was over a hundred years old and still throwing down laps at a historic racing event. What an incredible piece to practice my photography on!

Those patent dates end in 18, as in 1918!

Those patent dates end in 18, as in 1918!

The car is currently owned by Critz Motorsports. Check them out on Instagram here:

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