This 1970 Ford Fairlane Gets A V8 Swap Courtesy Of... Toyota???

1y ago


Remember when they put an RB26 in the front of a Mustang in Tokyo Drift? Of course you do that was a weirdly awesome car. Weird because muscle and import rarely combine in that fashion. Usually it is a big beast of an American V8 calling an import home. LS swapping an RX7 has become quite popular of late. But what about putting an import V8 inside a classic muscle car body?

This is Australia remember so four doors doesn't bother them.

When you think muscle car you think V8, usually something American and usually brutally simple. It would stand to reason that if you wanted to upgrade your V8 you would keep it in the family. Or if you were slightly unoriginal you'd drop a Chevy in it. Well you can't accuse these guys of being unoriginal for they have stuffed a Toyota 1UZ in the body of a 1970 Ford Fairlane. If that wasn't enough they slapped a turbo on it.

Personally I think the build is really cool. A modern V8 that isn't the obvious choice going in an old school muscle car is different but not absurd. It's not like they're throwing a Wankel in there or something. You may recognize one of the men behind the build if you watch Mighty Car Mods. That is none other than Turbo Yoda himself leading the charge.

The car isn't finished yet but you can follow the series on the MCM2 YouTube channel starting with episode one below. Enjoy!

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