This 1970s Range Rover gets a complete makeover – and it's stunning

1w ago


It's hard to believe the first generation of the Range Rover is almost half a century old already.

With that in mind, a company called Legacy Overland in New York completely stripped down this 1974 model and rebuilt it to look like brand new.

It is a real jumble of a car. It has parts from all over the place, but it just... works. It has the frame from a Suffix B model, the body from an 1983 Range Rover, and the 3.5L V8 from a 1983-85 car producing around 130hp. It also has a five-speed manual transmission from the late 1980s. All this leaves a rather good looking and functioning car, despite all the parts being BL bits and bobs. Is it the perfect Range Rover?

To modernise it a bit, Legacy Overland have added new front and rear disc brakes, a skid plate, a four inch rear lift kit and three at the front. Not forgetting the stunning 16 inch black wheels which look so good against the dark green paintwork.

The exterior colour is called 'Ardennes metallic green' and is probably the best colour for any car. The interior perfectly compliments this. It is a fully custom beige leather interior with green piping. It also has a Pioneer bluetooth sound system, air conditioning and a leather steering wheel. But my favourite part is the menacing looking additional light bar at the front.

I'm not sure as to whether this will spend its life in the mud or in a garage but either way, it's a nice little project with a stunning outcome. I know I would drive it.

Does this tickle your fancy?