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This 1971 Barracuda is Quite the Catch

This special-order 'Cuda 340 looks like no other.

I tend to gravitate towards special-order cars, even if they're ugly. They are from a time when, for an extra fee, you could create a quasi-bespoke car. In the case of this 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda 340, it was ordered in "BL1" Sandpebble Beige, which was available in 1970 but not in 1971.

As you can see, it's a color that may look better on the flanks of a Dart 4-door sedan than on a performance-oriented Barracuda. In fact, for 1970, it was the rarest regular-production color produced for the 'Cuda (50 US-spec models) maybe because it doesn't reek of performance. Sandpebble Beige was even rare for the more pedestrian Barracuda and luxurious Gran Coupe models, so it's not just performance types who were not into the hue.

Ordinarily, I'd hold my nose and move past the color, but this 'Cuda has captured my fancy. Seller makes the following claim (right) about the car:

1971 Plymouth Cuda 340 automatic with air conditioning. Numbers matching motor and transmission. Perfect build sheet , original fender tag. Original sheet metal. Survivor car . 1 of 1 color, sand pebble beige, 999 paint code. Only one ever made this color, fully documented.

Of course, the 1971 'Cuda came standard with a 300-horsepower 383, with the 340/275 as the first step-up option. The 'Cuda also features air conditioning, "Billboard" stripes, and spoiler package front and rear. The fender tag is not pictured, so it's not possible to see if this Barracuda came equipped with those options new. It's also impossible to know if it's the only Sandpebble Beige one built – maybe there were His 'n Hers versions ordered by a couple? No way to tell. Nonetheless, it's cars like this that keep things interesting.

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