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This 1971 Ford F-100 looks like it never left the factory

This F-100 belongs in a museum, surely?

12w ago

It's well-known that the Ford F-150 and its derivatives are the most popular trucks in America. However, their incredible reputation, reliability and status are thanks, in part, to the success of Ford's previous utility vehicles, such as the F-100.

However, due to their utilitarian nature, most of these early trucks have been used, beaten and discarded, leaving very few good-quality 'survivor' vehicles. Well, this particular example didn't just survive, but apparently thrived, judging by its incredible condition.

Showing just 57,111 miles on its odometer, this 1971 example is one of the highly-desirable four-speed models, and presents in the sort of condition that old-school Ford owners dream about.

The body is 'beautifully straight' according to the sellers Vanguard Motor Sales, and has undergone a full frame-off restoration, including new paintwork, 15" wheels shod in BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, bed tonneau cover, and plenty of brightwork reminiscent of the period; Who said trucks had to look boring and dull?

Vanguard Motor Sales

Vanguard Motor Sales

Under the hood, there is a 360 cubic inch Ford V8, complete with Edelbrock four-barrel carburettor. This truck won't win any drag competitions and won't be fun to drive, but there's still bags of torque on offer from the hulking great V8 upfront.

Inside, it appears that the truck has barely been used, with near-immaculate vinyl upholstery, with everything appearing wholly original with the exception of the aftermarket radio and sound system, which will no doubt make the slow progress offered by this F-100 a whole lot more enjoyable.

With a price tag of $64,900 it's significantly more expensive than a modern-day F-150, but those don't quite look as cool as this, do they?

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Comments (14)

  • While I agree this is a damn good looking truck, it is in no way a "survivor". The term "survivor" is used on those examples that have never been restored, and are still alive and kicking just they way they left the factory. This example is a decent restoration, but with some of the aftermarket goodies I see on it, I'd say more accurately that it is a restomod. For example, the bumpers are not factory, though made to appear that way. The cab clearance lights are aftermarket, as is the aluminum radiator and blue hoses. The wheels and tires are also more modern. Don't get me wrong, I still love the truck, but it's not a survivor. I'm willing to bet it's had a respray as well, as the inner fenders are entirely too shiny for stock. I'm only a stickler on this sort of thing as I built a truck from this era, and mine is 100% restomod. I did try to make it appear like it should have back in the day, but there is nothing stock about my truck.

      2 months ago
  • 77 Shortbox of a friend of mine. Second owner from North Carolina. 42.000 Original Miles. 315 W with three on the tree.

      2 months ago
    • And his former daily. 76 Shortbox with a 302 and C4 Tranny named Betsy.

      Everyone preferred Betsy (The Truck is named Betsy;) People really liked that Truck. Wherever he went people wanted to buy that Truck.

        2 months ago
  • I think even I would appreciate this. I'd love one.

      2 months ago
  • Best spec for one too. Also, I disagree on it won't be fun to drive. That would be awesome to drive.

      2 months ago
  • I love the clearance lights. This is my favorite year of the f series besides 77

      2 months ago