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    This 1988 Ford F-350 Dually is five meters of immaculate truck heaven

    It's only done 5,682 miles in its entire life!

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    When it comes to perfectly preserved garage queens, you'd normally expect to see a classic sports car, a classic supercar or even a gorgeously appointed luxury limo. What you wouldn't expect to find is a workhorse pickup truck designed to haul seriously heavy loads and have enough torque to restart a planet. That's exactly what we have here though with this beautifully preserved Ford F-350 Dually. This one-owner(!) truck is in immaculate condition and has only been driven 5,682 miles since it rolled off the production line in 1988!

    Image: Craiglist

    Image: Craiglist

    This particular F-350 Dually is an XLT Lariat model with the 7.3-litre diesel engine and rear-wheel drive. It's finished in a showroom-perfect red and grey two-tone colour scheme on the outside and the inside is oh-so '80s with acres of red velour and fake wood veneer. The truck bed has a custom-made gooseneck trailer hookup in it, so you could tow a big heavy caravan or trailer with it should you so desire. Not that you'd probably want to, considering the incredible condition this truck is being sold in...

    Image: Craigslist

    Image: Craigslist

    According to the listing, it's spent most of its life in a heated garage. This, along with its insanely low mileage (it's estimated that the truck only covered about 177 miles per year!), would go a long way to explain how incredibly this truck has been preserved. It's also been practically waited on hand and foot its entire life; the seller states that all the fluids have been changed prior to sale including the brake fluid, transmission fluid and rear end. It even comes with all the original books and records, including a record of all the gas used in the truck, making it a real treasure trove for truck enthusiasts!

    Image: Craigslist

    Image: Craigslist

    So, how much would it cost you to get this absolutely immaculate example of 1980s Ford goodness? The seller, who's located in Weare, New Hampshire, is asking for $33,000 for it. That's almost the same price as an entry-level F-350 would cost you today but, let's face it, this classic truck is way cooler and would get you a lot more noticed if you showed up somewhere in it! If you're a real truck enthusiast, this is likely to be one of the best examples of a Ford truck of this vintage you'll ever find anywhere. If you can stump up the money for it, I'd say you should absolutely go for it!

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    Comments (36)

    • Nope. Diesel engines aren’t made to sit. That thing is a big bucket of issues waiting to happen

        5 days ago
    • Nope. With that few miles it likely needs a complete drivetrain overhaul. But I love that truck!

        5 days ago
      • 7.3 engines weren’t the greatest anyway. In fact, they were kind of junk, so it would make sense to almost replace the whole motor

          2 days ago
      • Yeah, you’re right. This would need to be a project truck most likely.

          2 days ago
    • I would if I was a car collector. But this truck is too nice for my purposes. I would actually use my truck and drive it and haul and tow things. Not put it in a garage and not touch it.

        5 days ago
    • This was one of the last generations of trucks that were still trucks.

        4 days ago
    • Too many doors for me. Just say no to crew cabs.

        1 day ago


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