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This 356 mile old Lexus LFA can be yours for $439,900

After a limited run V10 supercar? – This LFA has hardly turned a wheel in anger, but you’ll need very deep pockets to snap it up

4y ago

The Lexus LFA is one of those supercar stories that you couldn’t make up if you tried. During a 10-year development cycle where Lexus attempted to build a limited run halo car to promote F-performance section as a rival to the likes of BMW’s M Division.

Two concepts were revealed to the world in this very long development cycle before Lexus decided famously give the entire car a complete ground-up redesign just before the start of production. What it became was a carbon-bodied supercar with a screaming 4.8-litre 553bhp V10 engine that looked like nothing else the Japanese carmaker had ever produced before.



The LFA was limited to just 500 cars starting at $375,000 which was a huge amount when compared to the equivalent supercars of the time. Sales were somewhat slow even if Paris Hilton bought (or leased) one. Since it was unleashed upon the world though, the LFA has proven its doubters by continually escalating in value.

Of the 500 examples hiding around the planet, this 2012 Obsidian black version is car number 221. It has covered just 356 miles since it left the factory and includes the more desirable options such as the red leather interior and the Mark Levinson sound system. It even includes the bespoke luggage set.

Given for the recent hype created by the 12 unsold cars still in dealerships, this 356-mile example is about as close as you will ever get to a new one. Add the ultra-rarity, and that V10 motors are a dying breed that may well be extinct in the very near future, then it seems a small price to pay for what will be an even more sought after classic in years to come.



The listing can be found here.

Is all of the V10 wailing super-rare greatness worth the $440,000 price tag? Discuss in the #supercars live chat or in the comments below.

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  • Thats £380,000 in real money. Still less than what it took Lexus to build the thing.Still a bargain.

      4 years ago